How do I join and participate in the PTA?
Dear Wiseburn Middle School PTA Association Members,
 Please join us for our annual Association Election Meeting,
**30 Day Notice**
April 20th 2017@ 6:30pm Wiseburn Middle School Community Room
The PTA membership drive is underway! We encourage all of our parent/guardians and families to join. Membership is only $10 and envelopes are available in the school office. Check out the PTA link under the “Parents” tab above.
What are the telephone numbers and FAX numbers for Wiseburn Middle School?
The Wiseburn School main telephone number is (310) 725-4700.  The Wiseburn School fax number is (310) 536-9091.
How may I purchase a Yearbook?
The Yearbook Information Flyer and Yearbook Ordering website tabs are located under the Students tab above.
Are there any after-school activities are available for my child?
New programs this year include...Watch Me Sculpt, Chess Tutors, Lego Engineering, and an after school Musical Theatre program. Ongoing activities include the ever popular Wiseburn Singers, Wiseburn (afterschool) Athletics, and the WAVES extended Day program. Registration information for these activities can be found under the "After School Activities" link under the "Resources" tab and the "Athletics" link under the "Students" tab above.
Where can I find the Sunday Wiseburn Blast from our Principal’s and the weekly Bulletin?
This information is sent via email to Wiseburn families every Sunday afternoon. By the following Monday this information is posted under the “Resources” tab above. Contact the school office if you are not receiving this information.