Wiseburn Middle School has been using Google Apps for Education tools since 2012. Now called G Suite, these tools offer anywhere/anytime collaboration opportunities for teachers and students. 
Beginning in January of 2014, Chromebooks were introduced into our classrooms. In the fall of 2015, Wiseburn became a one-to-one Chromebook environment. 
You will see some of the impressive projects and learning opportunities happening at Wiseburn when you attend you son or daughter's Student Led Conference on May 25. 
Wiseburn Middle School - 1:1 Device Implementation Plan
Goal Statement: Provide coordinated, anytime/anywhere tools for students and staff to communicate, share documents, and access web resources in a wireless and paperless connected system that promotes learning.
Student Learning Outcomes:
Device with learning management system will allow student to:
  • personalize learning experience
  • take and maintain ownership of their learning
  • electronically support organization and development of common core learning outcomes
Using the device, the student will . . .
  • apply the latest computing technology to the learning experience across the curriculum
  • use technology, including the Internet, to produce and publish writing
  • increase capacity to use technology, including the Internet, to interact and collaborate with others
  • engage in learning process
  • emphasize conceptual understanding with higher level thinking (Depth of Knowledge (DOK) – analyzing, evaluating, and creating)
  • transition from student binder system (SBS) to e-backpack type program to organize and track all school work/assignments
  • transition from paper portfolio for student growth (PSG) to e-portfolio
  • organize and use e-book reader
  • take assessments using program replacing Datawise
  • take SBAC Common Core test online
    • requires keyboard